Seminar Evaluation Survey – How to Ensure Successful Seminars With Survey Research

Seminars are a common way to disseminate information. But how do you know that that information is being relayed effectively? What are you using to evaluate the seminar and ensure that it’s getting the message across effectively? Seminar evaluation surveys were designed specifically for this purpose. These surveys exist to make sure that your survey is being received well by the attendees, and that you’re able to take that information and use it to improve future seminars.

Why Seminar Evaluation Surveys Are Valuable

The key to being successful as a business is to make sure that you’re not using subjective information to evaluate your processes. For example, imagine you attend a seminar run by one of your employees. You listen to what they say and you are amazed by their clarity. You’re positive that the seminar was a great success. You may trust your evaluation, but:

  • You have more information than the audience does.
  • You already know what the leader is teaching.
  • You are only one person – possibly someone that knows the seminar leader.

Your experience is not going to be the same as the experiences of others. Those that leave the seminar may not have had their questions answered, or may not have understood the instructions, or may have felt some other aspect of the seminar – for example, seating or volume in their seat – wasn’t up to par.

You won’t know any of this information unless you find out from the people that attended, and that is why you should consider a seminar evaluation survey.

SurveyMethods’ Seminar Evaluation Survey Template

At SurveyMethods, we provide one of the best online survey tools on the market today, with affordable monthly rates that will not affect your budget. With our sample seminar evaluation survey template (as well as dozens of other sample survey questions and templates), your company can collect objective information – information that you can use to alter future seminars and improve success. If you’re interested in finding out more about SurveyMethods’ online survey software, sign up today for your free account. You’ll be able to use our features and see why we’re a great choice for your next survey study. Contact SurveyMethods today.


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