Survey Metrics

Surveys are powerful tools. They supply your company or organization with an objective way to analyze feelings, beliefs, and more. They can drive decisions, reach your target audience, and be customized in a way that could possibly brand your services to others. But a survey is only valuable if you can collect data that’s meaningful from it, and the only way to do that is with survey metrics.

What are Survey Metrics

Survey metrics are measurement systems put into place to better analyze survey data. Survey researchers use uniform survey metrics to ensure that the data they’re collecting can be successfully analyzed, and decisions can be made accordingly. Every business needs to utilize metrics if they want to learn more about their customers. Without survey metrics, your research and how you analyze it essentially starts from scratch with no guarantee that you’re correctly collecting data and understanding it.

How Important are Metrics in Daily Life

Metrics are crucial for understanding information. Every time you fill up your car, you are using metrics to understand the data:

  • You have a meter that tells you how much gas is in your car. Without it, you could be filling up your tank too full or not enough.
  • You have a meter on your dashboard that tells you how much gas you have left. Without it, you’d be at a complete loss on how much gas you used and how much you have left.

Metrics are tools to ensure that you’re measuring data successfully, and without them there is simply no way to know what your scores mean on your surveys and how to understand them.

Metrics and Surveys

Surveys are the primary tool to measure customer satisfaction, loyalty, product popularity, and so much more. Businesses use them regularly to get ahead, and to make sure they’re successfully understanding their customers at all times. But without metrics, that data would be meaningless. People use metrics like the Net Promoter Score to ensure that when they measure loyalty—or any other trait that they’re hoping to analyze—they’re successfully understanding their data and making judgments on it accordingly. To know more on measuring customer loyalty, read our article on difference between satisfaction and loyalty. Survey metrics are just one of many important tools for running your business, but they’re crucial for businesses that are expecting to use surveys to enhance their processes. If you own or manage a business and want to learn more about survey metrics, or get started on your first survey research strategy, make sure you sign up with SurveyMethods today and find out why so many others use our software for all of their data collection and analysis needs.


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