Training Evaluation Survey – Benefits of a Post-Training Evaluation Survey

Many companies value experience. But experience is only as useful as the training that has gone into it. Years of experience mean nothing if the employee isn’t familiar with the next steps, and your training program is the only way to make sure that they know exactly what to do with the programs, technology, or tasks that your company needs.

Training program evaluation surveys are designed to see whether the training successfully taught the employee what they needed to know to do their job. While few companies run training evaluation surveys, the reality is that these surveys may be crucial for the productivity of your business, because an unprepared employee is an employee that isn’t bringing in revenue – and possibly through no fault of their own.

Benefits of Post-Training Evaluation Surveys

Post-training evaluation surveys provide you with many beneficial pieces of information, including:

  • Preparedness of the Employee

    You can ask the employee about the effectiveness of the training program, the skills they developed, whether they feel prepared to incorporate their newly acquired skills and knowledge into their work and more.

  • Attitude and Clarity of the Trainer

    Rarely is there an evaluator to listen to the trainer and see how easily they explain the system, nor is there a way to know how the employee perceives it, unless you try one of these surveys.

  • Difficulty of the Program

    Perhaps the employee feels prepared and the training is successful. You may learn that the skills they acquired are actually more difficult to master than another option available.

With training program evaluation surveys, you can find out whether the employee was able to successfully take their training in the real world, whether the employee even needed the training at all, and so much more. You can then use that information to make relevant changes and eventually create training programs (and trainers) that are widely successful at training your employees, thus increasing productivity, decreasing confusion, and possibly improving satisfaction in the process.

Training Evaluation Survey Templates

SurveyMethods is widely regarded as one of the most effective survey software platforms currently available, and with our customizable program, you will be able to create training evaluation surveys that are perfect for evaluating your training systems. Here are some pre-designed templates of training evaluation surveys:

  • Training Course Evaluation: Use this survey to get feedback on your training classes, courses, or seminars.
  • End of Semester Evaluation: Utilize this survey to evaluate the overall experience of a student’s semester. Ask questions about the professor and course material to assist in proper evaluation of the course.

Contact SurveyMethods today to learn more about our survey tool, and visit our survey library where you can find dozens of templates that will be useful for your business.


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