Training Survey

Training surveys are a popular way to find out if a training program was effective. It is designed to assess the usefulness of the training program, not just in terms of what goes on in the program, but also what is needed to improve outcomes.

For a company, training is everything. If an employee isn’t prepared to do their job, that employee is going to cost you money. The result is lost productivity, lost sales, errors on the job, and more – issues that could last for years. That’s why a training survey is valuable.

What Does a Training Survey Provide

Training surveys can provide you with information that allows you to alter or adjust your training programs so that the outcomes of the programs improve. It’s your goal to make sure that employees are being trained correctly, and running these surveys is the only way to gather that information in a way that will provide honest answers. You’re able to learn:

  • The Effectiveness of the Trainer

    Were they clear? Did they go over everything in an easy to digest way? Were they friendly and/or engaging and did students feel they were valued?

  • The Effectiveness of the Course

    Do you need to add another course to improve outcomes? Is there something not being shared? How important is the course in the first place?

  • The Effectiveness of the Location

    Did the training go off without a hitch? Were there technical errors or distracting problems? Was the service at the front desk friendly and engaging?

This information is then used to evaluate student progress, course quality, and more, so that you can adjust them as needed and ensure that all employees that complete the program are as ready as possible for the work ahead.

Training Survey Template

Training surveys are the best tool available for gathering this type of information, and at SurveyMethods we have training survey templates available in our survey library that are specifically created for you to run your training survey. These customizable templates are a great choice for businesses that hope to see a real difference in their training programs, and because SurveyMethods is so affordable, you end up saving significant capital in the long run. Contact SurveyMethods today to learn more about our employee training survey programs, and see why we are the number one choice in the industry for affordable online survey tools.


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