Twitter Surveys – How to Post Your Surveys on Twitter?

Posting your surveys on Twitter is a great way to reach your online audience. SurveyMethods’ Twitter integration makes it easy to tweet your surveys on Twitter and gather opinions and feedback from your followers. After you have created your survey, follow the steps below to post your survey on Twitter.

How to Post Your Surveys on Twitter

  1. After creating your survey, launch your survey using the Web URL Deployment method.
  2. A unique survey URL will be generated.
  3. To tweet your survey link, select the Twitter method for distributing your survey.
  4. Click “Tweet” to login to your Twitter account.
  5. Add a tweet message to display with your survey link and enter your username and password.
  6. Click “Sign in and Tweet” to post your survey link on Twitter. You will receive a pop up right away that your tweet has been successfully posted to your Twitter profile.

Twitter Surveys – Share Your Survey Link on Twitter

Tweet your survey link using SurveyMethods' Twitter integration method

The Twitter method for distributing surveys is available to all package types. Contact SurveyMethods to know more about Twitter surveys.


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