Why Anonymity in Employee Surveys

Anonymity in Employee SurveysThe building block of a business is the individual working in it. Many organizations have thrived or deteriorated because of their workers. Happy workers are generally more productive, thus bring their company profits. On the other hand, the opposite is true for disgruntled employees.

To make sure that your employees fit the first category, you will need to question them regularly as to what may be bothering them. The easiest way to do so is by creating a survey through survey software. However, be sure that your surveys are anonymous. Why? Read on.

Importance of Anonymity in Employee Surveys

Anonymity for workers is the only way they can complain without having to worry about retribution from their employers. For example, you may have implemented a rule which your employees secretly dislike. However, had you asked them directly about it, they would have reacted in one of these two ways:

  • Lie through their teeth
  • Sugar coat their views (add to that a little bit of sucking up)

Both of these will be of no benefit to you, thus you can expect your workers’ dissatisfaction to reach its peak, whereas your productivity will head in the opposite direction.

In addition, allowing the employee to remain anonymous will allow those who are less confident to provide their own suggestions and ideas. In most cases, many individuals feel that their opinions will be ridiculed because of their age or position in the organization. Anonymity will provide them with the chance to share what they believe should be done and in what way. However, the disadvantage of this will rear its ugly head when the idea is really good and no one can claim it as their own.

To ensure the objectivity of these surveys, you can have a third party conduct the survey for you. However, that will result in cash out of your pocket and wads of surveys to go through. Online survey software companies like SurveyMethods provide the ability to conduct anonymous employee surveys. By using such methods, you will be able to conduct a cost effective survey that will ensure your employees of their secrecy while providing you with candid feedback.

Whether you are using a survey software system or following the dull conventional way, make sure that your employees realize that you care to know what they think rather than what you want to hear. This is only possible by allowing them to keep their identities a secret during the survey, so give them that in order to gain their respect and loyalty.

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