2 Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction is a key component of a good business, and the only way to accurately gauge customer satisfaction is using some type of customer satisfaction measurement, often a survey.

Types of Customer Satisfaction SurveysSurveys allow your business to learn from how the actual customer is experiencing your business, rather than simply relying on what your subjective eyes and ears tell you. Customer satisfaction surveys come in several different shapes and styles, and most companies come up with their own unique way of gauging satisfaction accurately. Satisfaction for an insurance company, for example, may not be the same as satisfaction at a grocery store. The type of business, client list, etc., all change satisfaction results. Yet in general, most surveys fall under two categories:

  • Direct Transaction Surveys
  • Overall Satisfaction Surveys

Both of these types of surveys can provide you with interesting results that may affect your own marketing or business strategy. Both have completely different results and relate back to your company in completely different ways.

Two Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Direct Transaction Surveys: This type of customer satisfaction survey is immediate, and is designed to gauge how the customer viewed a very specific transaction – namely, the transaction that (hopefully) immediately preceded filling out the survey. For example, “how easy was it for you to find help” and “what was your experience like on DATE?” These surveys are not necessarily interested in your overall opinion of the company. They are primarily concerned with your most recent transaction.
  • Overall Satisfaction Surveys: Sometimes referred to as “relationship surveys,” these surveys are designed to gauge how the customer feels about the company in general, based on a combination of all of their experiences and any additional factors that may affect that result. Rarely are these surveys purposely given to customers immediately following a transaction, although they may be colored by the most recent experience if that experience was particularly awful or pleasant.

How to Use These Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Your customer satisfaction survey questions should be relevant in order to ultimately provide you with the best analysis. Customer satisfaction surveys often differ from one survey to the next based on how the company wants to drive its research. But most surveys fall under one of the two categories, depending on whether you are looking to find out about specific customer experiences or hoping to gauge the overall satisfaction level with the company.

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