Benefits and Weaknesses of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Feedback from your clients is a crucial aspect of developing a successful business. It allows you to ensure that your products, services, and customer support are all on the right track. Without feedback, your company may be making decisions that go against your customers’ interests and your business would quickly start to suffer.

One of the primary ways to measure customer satisfaction is to use a customer satisfaction survey. These surveys are designed to give you anonymous insight about how the customer views your company and what – if anything – needs to be changed in order to retain their business. Customer satisfaction surveys are extremely beneficial, but they are not without their weaknesses. Here are some of the pros and cons to using customer satisfaction surveys.

Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Current Satisfaction Feedback

The primary benefit of these surveys is that you can gather the customer’s current thoughts on various aspects of your business. Whether it is the value of the products or services you offer, the quality of your customer service, or even the faith that the customer has in your business’s long term strategies, it is always useful to gain insight into how the customer is currently feeling about your company.

  • Tracking Changes in Feedback

Surveys are also repeatable. You can run the survey every so often in order to continue to gain feedback. Because surveys can have the same questions, this will allow you to compare data over time and see if there are any changes. For example, if you receive an overall score of 8/10 on a follow up survey, that may seem like a high number. But if you achieve 10/10 the previous time you ran the survey, it may imply something is slipping.

  • Shows Commitment to the Customer

Often customers like the idea that a company is soliciting their feedback, because it shows that the company is committed to keeping them as a business. Far too many companies take their clients for granted. Customer satisfaction surveys serve as a reminder that your company cares enough to make business decisions based on your feedback.

Weaknesses of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Customer Burnout

As easy as surveys are to fill out, many people simply don’t like completing them. Sending surveys too often can lead to customer burnout, and that burnout may result in lower satisfaction scores despite your excellent business model.

  • Anonymity Issues

It’s hard for customers to believe that there aren’t being tracked. These days there is so much unwanted spam and excessive sales strategies that customers are often hesitant to give information that may lead to more sales calls in the future. Without ample assurance that the survey will not be used to target them directly, it may be hard to get the responses you want.

Should You Perform Client Satisfaction Surveys?

There are clearly a number of benefits to getting client feedback through surveys. You can get valuable information, track data, and even get secondary benefits such as showing the customer commitment to bringing them a great product. Just be sure that you don’t over-saturate them with feedback questions, and always be certain to reassure the customers that their data is going to be kept safe and confidential.

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