Customer Surveys – How to Create Effective Online Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are an excellent way to reach out to your customers and gather valuable feedback about your company, products, or services. Experts believe that if customers feel involved in the critical aspects of your business, it will help boost sales, increase customer retention, improve relationships, and develop a loyal customer base.

The Importance of a Customer Survey

A customer survey is one of the most effective ways to understand the expectations and perceptions of your customers. Here are a few good reasons why you should survey your customers:

  • You get to know what your customers think about your services and products.
  • Customers feel more engaged in the company and its decisions, which can be a driving force in the company’s success.
  • You can tap into specific niche markets or underutilized resources.
  • You get to identify the industry trends, your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement, flaws in your product or service, and more. All this are valuable inputs for effective decision-making.
  • Customer surveys help you gauge how well you are doing with your customers so you can take proactive action to improve your products and services.
  • You can get useful and innovative ideas on new product design and development or product enhancements.
  • Customer surveys help to enhance sales and increase customer retention and loyalty.

Why Use SurveyMethods to Create & Distribute Your Customer Surveys?

An insightful customer survey will help you identify how customers rate your products and services, if they are satisfied or dissatisfied, and most importantly how different segments within the market and your customer base use your products and services. With the SurveyMethods affordable online survey software tool, you can create an effective customer survey in minutes. Here’s how:

  • We’ve built our survey software with the intention to make it the easiest to use in the industry. In just a few minutes you can create your survey and launch it to your customers.
  • Choose from our pre-designed customer survey templates to help you get started! You can use the templates right away or modify them and add questions for your specific purpose.
  • Use the appropriate question types. SurveyMethods provides 20 different question structures that you can choose from.
  • You can send your survey to multiple email addresses. Either import your email list from an Excel spreadsheet or create a list during the launch process and save it for future use. Our survey tool keeps track of who has responded, who hasn’t, and who has taken your survey partially.
  • Generate a web URL for your customer survey and post it on your website or distribute it using your email system. Additionally, you can post your surveys on Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can remotely trigger your customer survey from your ERP, CRM, HR, Helpdesk, or Call Center systems using our API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Additionally, you can collaborate with your team, share your reports securely with each other, and export data to different file formats like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, and Adobe PDF.
  • After receiving your survey responses, you can analyze your data in real time with our powerful reporting tools.

Tips for Creating a Great Customer Survey

  • Define your objectives: Be clear with your objectives – why you want to carry out the survey, who your respondents are, what you want to find out through the survey, and more.
  • Make your surveys attractive: Be creative when it comes to designing your surveys. Customers want to believe they are participating in something valuable; a cheap, hastily thrown together survey won’t provide that. We provide different survey presentation styles to help you with this.
  • Choose the right format: A well-formatted survey will help you get better responses and make your survey as effective as it can be.
  • Consider the length of your survey: Keep your survey to a reasonable length. The shorter your survey is, the fewer people will drop out, and the better your response rate will be. So find the right balance.
  • Be clear and specific: Asking clear and specific questions can have a huge impact on your survey results. Include multiple-choice, close-ended, and open-ended questions in your survey.
  • Use simple language: Make sure that your survey questions are clear, unambiguous, and easy to understand. Avoid technical terms and jargon.
  • Send a pre-survey email: Send pre-survey emails before the survey is live to help improve response rates. However, they have to be designed carefully, potentially explaining the incentives and the benefits of the survey.
  • Offer a good incentive: Incentives are an important part of getting a good response rate. Therefore, choose your incentives sensibly.
  • Limit private information: Avoid personal questions related to age, ethnicity, marital status, income level, etc., and if you require them for the purpose of your survey, make sure to emphasize your commitment to privacy.
  • Don’t use spam language: Make sure that your online survey email is not a sales page and isn’t trying to win over the customer. Customers don’t like to feel they’re participating in something related to spam. Instead, personalize the email and make it more attractive to participants.
  • Choose the right time for surveys: Choose the most appropriate time to conduct your surveys. Factors like seasonal and holiday peak periods and employee absenteeism require more careful planning.
  • Analyze your data: Analyze and act upon your survey results. Identify the business areas you need to improve upon, develop an action plan, and act quickly.
  • Plan for follow-ups: Follow up on your survey results. Find out who responded to your surveys, and send reminders to those that have partially responded or have not responded at all.

A customer survey is the best way to measure the satisfaction levels of your customers. Understanding their thoughts on the various aspects of your business will go a long way in creating long lasting, successful businesses and loyal customers. Get started with SurveyMethods by signing up for your free account today.


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