How Restaurants Can Benefit from Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Restaurants should be the model organization for customer satisfaction surveys. After every meal, the waiter or waitress often asks several times whether or not the food was good, and the feedback they receive can play a significant role in future decisions the restaurant managers make. The problem is that the feedback is usually biased, because no one likes to tell the waiter their honest thoughts. They want to eat their meal in peace and leave, whether they liked the meal or not.

Using Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Restaurants

It may not be a traditional way to get feedback on your restaurant, but that doesn’t mean it’s a poor decision. Customer satisfaction surveys have many advantages that can help you with your business. Some of these include:

  • Honest Feedback: Of course, the greatest value is that you receive honest feedback. Having a waiter ask about the quality of the meal isn’t good enough. Honest feedback – especially when it can be broken down into various parts – will help you learn much more about your business.
  • Tracking Changes: How can you truly track any changes in your restaurant’s quality if you do not have a system of data collection in place to do it? Implementing a customer satisfaction survey, and consistently asking customers to complete it, gives you the data you need to track how things change over time.
  • Avoid Negative Reviews on Public Sites: Restaurant customer surveys also allow you to head off negative reviews. Often people post their gripes directly to websites like Yelp or Google when they’re unhappy. If they can vent to your survey, they may not be so upset to post a negative review on your public pages. You may consider allowing customers to identify themselves (only if they want), so that you can reach out to them directly to address the situation. This shows that you care and is the most powerful way to build customer loyalty.
  • Timely Feedback: Using SurveyMethods’ survey application, you can be notified immediately by email you when you receive a negative survey response (or very positive or using certain keywords). You can then contact those people based on their needs, to improve their score or thank them for their feedback.
  • Marketing: Finally customer satisfaction surveys can be a form of marketing. Consider offering a coupon or other discount to customers that provide a response both to encourage the response as well as to encourage them to come back.

There is no denying the incredible value of honest feedback on your restaurant. While taste is subjective, you can still gauge what people are experiencing, and then see what you can do to improve that experience. With good feedback, you’ll be able to create one of the best restaurants in your local area, and compete with other restaurants for years to come.

SurveyMethods’ Survey Templates

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