How Web Survey Software Can Help You Improve Website Performance

Evaluating customer satisfaction and customer experience can be tricky. Traditionally companies used to send out mailers to anyone that likely used a person’s company with a survey and a free coupon if they managed to get some type of response, hoping that they would reach customers and receive quality information. But technology has made it much easier to collect data, as well as to make sure you reach those that you know have interacted with your business. With web survey software, you can even make sure that those that visit your website – not necessarily your business – are helping you understand more about your customers.

Satisfaction Surveys Published on Websites

Many companies now create static links using online survey software that allow those that visit their website the opportunity to share their experience. These surveys may be about anything:

  • The customer’s actual experience on the website
  • The customer’s experience returning to the website
  • The customer’s experience purchasing from your website
  • The customer’s experience at your storefront (not necessarily on the website)
  • The potential customer’s thoughts upon visiting your page

Many companies now use web survey software to try to get a better idea of what a visitor experiences as soon as they visit the site, as well as whether it’s leading them towards a purchase. They use this software to essentially do a customer satisfaction survey that is specific to their website, although they may also create surveys that are tailored more towards gathering information rather than studying trends in data. Indeed, some companies do not even use the software to run analyses. Car companies, for example, use web survey software simply to gather more information from potential clients.

No matter what you choose to do with it; web survey software is the only way to quickly get that information from the user while they’re engaged in the user experience. It’s your opportunity to make sure that your website, your business, and everything in between is maximizing the customer experience, and it shows that you – as a company – are dedicated to ensuring that your business is geared towards your customers.

Researching your customers is the best way to ensure you’re running your business the right way. If you’re ready to try a survey software tool that is very effective for collecting data on your customers, sign up with SurveyMethods today.


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