Internet Survey Software

Surveys are one of the most powerful tools to research your target audience. With a user-friendly and affordable Internet survey software like SurveyMethods, you can easily create and publish online surveys to gather feedback, research market segments, determine customer satisfaction levels, monitor customer experience on your products/services, and more.

Using our Internet survey software, you can create a survey in any language, launch your survey using various methods, and analyze your results in real time. You can also share your survey link on social media, and encourage visitors to participate in your survey.

Features of SurveyMethods’ Internet Survey Software

  • Affordable and easy to learn and use
  • Customizable features and branding styles (color themes, logo, font attributes, etc.)
  • Predesigned presentation styles
  • Comprehensive set of question types (choice-based, open-ended, matrix, rating scales, etc.)
  • Anonymous surveys
  • Real-time reporting and data analysis
  • API and Integrations
  • Save & resume, skip logic, criteria, automatic reminders, and so much more!

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