Online Business Customer Satisfaction Survey

We’re nearing a time where in-person interactions are at an all-time low. These days, you no longer need to have an office, plan face-to-face meetings, or visit clients at a local coffee shop. You can run an entire business from your living room, with clients all over the world.

While some things are changing, others are staying the same. Your customer satisfaction still matters a great deal, and you need to make sure that even if your clients deal exclusively with a website, that the interactions they do have with the website are as high a quality as possible and will keep them coming back.

Online Business Customer Satisfaction Survey

The good news is that online survey software, like the SurveyMethods online survey system, makes customer satisfaction surveys a breeze – especially for online businesses. You can set the survey up in a variety of ways:

  • Have a survey connected to purchase emails
  • Provide a survey on site for anyone to take
  • Have a pop-up with a survey for customers that have spent a lot of time on a page

As long as your visitors have access to a link, you can provide them with some type of survey. You can also connect the survey to future discount codes to improve future purchases.

These types of customer satisfaction surveys are a great tool for online businesses because they answer a lot of questions about the user experience. While a retail store may ask about customer service, layout, and even shelving, an online store can ask about:

  • Website usability
  • Ease of finding and researching products
  • Content
  • The sales funnel
  • Purchasing options

It’s the same type of questions, but about a virtual platform, and it gives your online business a tool you can use to make sure that every single component of your website is designed to improve customer satisfaction, and thus improve the likelihood of future revenue.

Measure Customer Satisfaction for Your Online Business With SurveyMethods

Customer satisfaction research may not be commonplace in the online business arena, but it should be. There is no better way to make sure that your website and every service/product you offer is meeting the customers’ needs exactly. If you run an online business and are ready to start integrating customer satisfaction surveys into your business model, contact SurveyMethods today. Our software is complete with full online reporting options, hundreds of features, and a cost that is affordable for even the strictest budget. Sign up for your account to get started.


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