Online Survey Software to Monitor Your Outsourced Service Staff

Today’s economy has been a considerable challenge for companies both large and small. In an effort to reduce costs, many businesses have begun outsourcing less vital services to other countries, in an effort to reduce labor costs and increase ROI. Cable companies, for example, may have customer support in the Philippines, billing in Mexico, and IT support in Thailand – all while their business is centered in the United States.

When you have all these different satellite groups, especially when they’re located in different parts of the world, you need a way of making sure that you can monitor what they’re doing and how it affects the customer. Customers with bad experiences may not be customers for long, and even though you’re trying to cut costs, you’re not trying to employ people that provide bad or inadequate service.

Online Survey Software to Monitor Customer Satisfaction

When you outsource any part of your business that directly communicates with your customers, one of the most important things for you to do is monitor the satisfaction of those that interact with each individual employee. Using online survey software, you can create a satisfaction survey that will provide you with valuable information to help you monitor that staff. At the end of any customer support service, you can send an email to the customer or provide them a link to a customized survey, and that survey can ask them questions about their experience so that you can use it to drive decisions within your company. For example with SurveyMethods survey software you can:

  • Create Live Reports With Employee Data

    Using our online survey software, someone in your home office can monitor the staff at each individual outsource office, both as a whole (the entire office) and on a specialist-by-specialist level.

  • Email Alert Problem Solving

    Our software also generates email alerts for customers that provide specific answers on the survey. So, if you see that a customer leaves an outsourced provider a negative review, you can have someone that provides outstanding service contact them and try to fix the problem.

  • Regular Updates and Monitoring

    Using this data you can also analyze trends in the branch over time. Are they getting better under new management? Worse? Do they struggle assisting with any type of product or service? All of that can be exposed with this online survey software.

There is no company that succeeds by settling, even if they outsource their services to help improve their ROI. Online survey software gives your business the opportunity to make sure that every representation of your company anywhere in the world is doing the best they can to help your business thrive. Get started today with SurveyMethods by signing up for your free account.


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