Retail Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey

The retail industry – including groceries and other in-person shopping experiences – is entirely dependent on a steady flow of customers. Retail has very small markups, and in order to make a profit, you have to be selling a lot of items quickly, get as much repeat business as possible, and encourage positive feedback with every single person that leaves your store.

Despite the marginal value that each customer represents, you need every single customer to be completely satisfied if you hope to succeed, because only then can you continue to receive the business and profits necessary to stay afloat.

The Importance of Retail Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are crucial to retail companies hoping to compete. Indeed, they are so important that there is no excuse not to run at least some type of customer satisfaction research using survey tools. Consider all of the factors that go into a great visit:

  • The Store: Your store plays a significant role in the customer experience, and that includes things you may not have considered like the placement of the bathroom, the visibility of price tags, location of certain goods, and more. If you walk into a store and can’t find what you need, you’re either going to walk out or you’re going to be hesitant to come back.
  • The Employees: It’s not a stretch to imagine that customers come into contact in some way with dozens of retail employees at any given time. The store cleanliness, pricing, and ease is related to specific employees. They pass employees in the aisles. They get help from employees, ask for help from employees, check out through employees and often leave past employees. If any one of those employees hint at unprofessionalism or provide a negative experience in any way, it can ruin a person’s satisfaction.
  • The Products: Even the products you choose play a role. Do you choose the right brands? Are your prices viewed as competitive? Do the products look nice on the shelves? It’s one thing to stock an item. It’s another to stock the right items in the right place at the right price, and the better you do the more likely the customer will appreciate it.

These are all important measurements within a store. They’re also all a part of customer satisfaction surveys. There is no other known effective way to monitor these parts of your store without a customer satisfaction survey geared towards your retail audience, and if you’re not already monitoring satisfaction and loyalty in your customers, you’re putting yourself in a potentially dangerous position.

At SurveyMethods, we have several customer satisfaction survey templates along with information on how to start using these surveys in the retail setting. Sign up for your free account today and learn how to create and manage retail store customer satisfaction surveys and start seeing changes in your profit immediately.


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